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1100 North Chicago Avenue
Goshen, IN 46528
(574) 534-2502
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On US 33 North or South, follow signs and turn on Indiana Avenue.
Monday-Saturday from 9am - 5pm

who to contact

James Rupright · Owner · Phone:(574) 534-2502  · Fax(574) 389-8205 · Send an Email

about us

An abandoned factory purchased in 1984, the building was all but a heap of ruins. Birds had taken residence on every level, along with some four-legged creatures. The electricity and plumbing systems were no longer functional. Wind and weather had taken their toll. But, much like J.J. Burns himself, the buyers had a vision for factory - one that could not be easily dismissed, despite all the wreckage and debris.

Revitalization of the building began by investing priceless hours of hard work and commitment. The floors were transformed with a glossy wood finish. The railroad track became a cheerful outdoor walkway. Soon, woodcraft and pottery started pouring into the building, along with jewelry, candles, baked goods, and more - the handiwork of skilled artisans who vowed to make this space their own. With each new artist's entry, the Old Bag Factory took another breath, struggled less to stay alive.

Once again, the Old Bag Factory thrives on craft and commerce. The means and rate of production have changed, but the vision remains the same. Now, instead of transporting goods by train, the Old Bag Factory's artists and merchants can send their crafts away in - what else? - shopping bags.


  • Customer service that helps shoppers find the piece they seek or the gift that best expresses their deepest desires
  • Products and services that honor natural resources
  • An enjoyable atmosphere for our guests
  • The bridge between old and new, and the importance of the past to the uniqueness of the present