Horizon Bank Financial Institutions

4574 Elkhart Road
Elkhart, IN 46517
(574) 875-0860
Fax: (574) 875-0659
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about us

Safe, Sound and Still Growing

SOLID FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE. Horizon continues to prosper during these difficult times as demonstrated by record earnings in each of the last 14 years.

TIME TESTED. Horizon has been in business for over 137 years. From the Great Depression to the current recession, our long-term business philosophy of serving local businesses and individuals, and providing loans to qualified borrowers, has helped the bank, its shareholders, and its customers to weather these economic storms.

SENSIBLE ADVICE. Horizon has a long history of helping people through tough times. We listen and seek to provide sensible advice. We recognize that a business or family's financial stability can change quickly. Therefore, we encourage our customers, and non-customers alike, to talk with us about ways we may be able to help.

EXPERIENCED LEADERSHIP. Our management team consists of seasoned officers many of whom have come through several recessions to date - so they know how to get through tough times.

SOLID CAPITAL POSITION. Horizon is well-capitalized as defined by regulatory guidelines.

LOCAL DECISION MAKING. All decisions impacting our customers are made locally, rather than by a corporate entity hundreds or thousands of miles away. We provide one-on-one, face-to-face consultation to see how we can help our customers.

REINVESTMENT IN OUR COMMUNITIES. Because we are a local Company, we reinvest our profits locally. We also contribute extensively to local not-for-profit organizations throug