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    Our mission statement is: Provide the highest quality puppies at an affordable price through connecting breeders to Families.

    When looking for a new puppy it's just as important to know about the breeder as it is the puppy. We created Family bred Puppies to change the puppy industry. I am an animal lover at heart and I couldn't bear to see what puppy mills were doing to their dogs. Puppy mills have become very successful by offering a huge assortment of puppies at very low prices. Puppy Mills are terrible places that don't take care of their dogs and try to churn out dogs to be as profitable as possible. Parents and puppies grow up in terrible conditions that cause emotional and physical damage to dogs.

    We created Family Bred Puppies to combine all the small dog breeders that take care of their puppies, and brand them under one name. Our brand Family Bred Puppies represents breeders who take pride in taking care of their dogs! Our breeders dogs often are family pets that you'll see running around the house and yard at their home. Creating one brand for all our responsible breeders allows us to provide more available puppies, with also having the absolute best living conditions! We are so blessed to have received so much support through the people who believe in what we do connecting families to happy, healthy puppies!