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Kuert Concrete has facilities strategically placed to most efficiently and effectively serve commercial, industrial and residential contractors and DIYers in northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. The mission of Kuert Concrete is to manufacture and deliver concrete and concrete related supplies. Kuert Concrete exists to build better communities and better lives for people. At Kuert Concrete, establishing and maintaining the highest quality standards is our greatest priority. To sustain these intense standards we adhere to a stringent set of quality control methods including: A full-time quality control staff, including a Certified Concrete Technologist ACI certified sales staff, each Level 1 Concrete Technicians NRMCA certified plants Automated batching systems at each plant to assure consistency State-of-the-art in-house lab to continuously test optimal batch mixes Equipment is calibrated several times annually and our staff performs daily tests of concrete and materials, both on job sites and in the lab, to assure our high standards are being maintained. At Kuert Concrete we insist that our plants meet or exceed all the industry standards, so each of our our plants is NRMCA certified. We take it a step further by training our drivers through a Mentor Driver program and certify our drivers in the NRMCA's Certified Concrete Delivery Professionals program.


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