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about us

Creating attractive landscapes is our goal. We can help you select the right plants for your home, to create the exact feel you want, a place to relax, unwind from a busy day, a place to play. Create a landscape which involves the sense of smell, sight, sound, and even taste. A well planned landscape installation will add extra value to your home. The landscape can be designed for minimal maintenance to high maintenance depending on your interest and available time.

No need to sacrifice quality, we design and install landscaping at a reasonable price. We stand behind our installations with a full year warranty.

We take care of your landscape by providing custom landscape maintenance programs. We will mow, prune and provide tree and shrub care. In addition, we offer spring cleanup, fall cleanup and winter snow removal.

A: Affect our environment in a positive way
B: Build relationships with our customers
C: Continue to improve ourselves and our company

Only 1 in 10 people know what they want before hand, so we at Greenfield Landscaping do a lot of consulting. In order to get the best results, we believe that landscaping should be done insync with the construction of your home.


  • Custom landscape
  • Landscape Lawn
  • Sprinkler System