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Personalized wellness coaching and more.
You need a comprehensive wellness program that guides you every step of the way to a healthier, happier life. And that?fs what your company is offering you through Get Fit-Get Healthy. This is your chance to be aware of possible health risks and to set goals for better health. But, you?fre not alone on that endeavor. Your wellness coach is there by your side as much or as little as needed and Get Fit-Get Healthy offers a variety of educational programs and tools to keep you on the right path to wellness.

It?fs important to gauge your current state of wellness before you begin to establish goals toward healthier living. This is your first step with a quick, 15-minute wellness assessment right at your workplace.
?¡Convenient phone or online registration
?¡Personal Wellness Profile offered online (paper version available upon request) identifies your lifestyle and medical information.
?¡Quick, 15-minute wellness assessment includes the following tests:
Body fat analysis/Body Mass Index (BMI)
Blood pressure analysis
Lab work, which may include: Comprehensive metabolic panel, Complete blood count, Lipid panel
Other options may also be offered depending upon the employer.

Partner with Get Fit-Get Healthy today to get started on the path to wellness