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410 North Higbee
Milford, IN 46542
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about us

CTB is structured into business units that serve various geographic and market sectors. Click on the links below to learn more about an individual business unit, or click here to see our business unit diagram.

Strategy, Vision & Values
One of the things that makes CTB work so well is our clearly articulated corporate strategy, vision and values - sometimes referred to as SV2.

Emerge as best cost manufacturer
Emphasize product driven focus
Expand global physical presence
Fortify through acquisition
Enhance financial strength

Leadership Through Innovation®

Integrity in all things
Customers are why we exist
Profitability is a must
Excellence in all we do
People make the difference


  • Poultry/Egg Systems
  • Pig System
  • Grain Systems
  • Equine Systems
  • Industrial Systems