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about us

In 1952, a small group of loving parents united to form a group dedicated to enhancing the lives of their disabled sons and daughters. They were determined to give their children every opportunity to fully experience all that life had to offer.

Community leaders with vision, special determination and unwavering commitment have also played a major role in establishing the not-for-profit organization that is now known as ADEC.

Both groups have helped establish a legacy of love, care and concern through ADEC?s mission, which is based on the belief that all people are worthwhile. Today that legacy continues with a dedicated community based Board of Directors who remain committed to keeping ADEC a vital and ever-present community resource.

Our Mission
ADEC believes all people are worthwhile. We work together with people living with disabilities, along with families, friends and organizations to help maximize their abilities to meet goals and dreams and fully participate in their communities. ADEC is dedicated to supporting the prevention of disabilities and breaking down barriers, both physical and attitudinal, through active community education, advocacy and support.

Our Expectations
With the helping hands of our friends and neighbors we expect great opportunities for all. We expect people with disabilities to become full participants in our communities. Their jobs will be in your work places. Their homes will be where you live. Their hobbies will be your hobbies. They will play and compete on your neighborhood parks,


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