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Direct Support Professional

Job Description

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide support to people with disabilities. They ensure the health and safety of the individuals. They provide meaningful daily activities to assure the individuals have the opportunity to reach their full potential.
  1. Training: Before regular employment, must be trained to serve persons with development disabilities including, but not limited to:
    1. Learning about respect and dignity of individuals.
    2. How to protect an individual from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
    3. How to implement person centered plans and ISPs.
    4. Communicate with individuals.
    5. The use of appropriate documentation.
    6. How to manage individual-specific treatments and interventions, including management of an individual’s seizures, behavior, medication side effects, diet and nutrition, swallowing difficulties, emotional and physical crises, and significant health concerns.
    7. How to administer medication, monitor side effects, and recognize and prevent dangerous medication interactions.
    8. Conduct and participate in emergency drills and evacuations.
    9. Must be certified in CPR and first aid training.
  2. Household Chores/Maintenance
    1. Routine house cleaning and maintenance will be expected. Help plan and assist Community Members with household chores including cleaning, food preparation, and laundry.
    2. Report any problems with the facilities to the appropriate supervisor.
  3. Home and Community Support
    1. Ensure adequate coverage and supervision of the home at all times. If there is a need for coverage, contact the on call phone. Only trained employees can provide coverage. Providing a safe, healthy environment is of utmost importance.
    2. Develop an understanding of individual Community Members and their needs.
    3. Maintain frequent and open communication with families of Community Members.
    4. Seek opportunities for social involvement.
    5. Engage Community Members in “self-esteem building” activities which offer and teach the value of participation, sharing and friendship.
    6. Ensure that Community Members have the opportunity to participate in all Goldenrod activities, such as community celebrations, planned activities and Project Promise.
    7. Encourage Community Members to participate in community activities such as local churches, volunteering, Special Olympics, Project Promise, Goshen College activities, city and community events.
  4. Personal Assistance
    1. Ensure that Community Members are prepared for each day’s activities, i.e.: appropriate clothing, good personal hygiene, and eating a healthy breakfast along with packing a healthy lunch.
    2. Illness/Absence: Coordinating with supervisor as needed, make arrangements for care of a Community Member when they are unable to participate in daily activities due to illness or other reasons. Make sure the workplace has been notified.
    3. Grooming/Hygiene: Assist Community Members as needed with personal hygiene routine, including bathing, shaving, brushing teeth, and appropriate use of toiletries.
    4. Food preparation: Ensure that nutritious meals are provided for the Community Members. Made from food that is not outdated and/or questionable.
  5. Financial assistance: Assist Community Members with spending money as needed. Maintain appropriate documentation for Community Member’s spending money.
  6. Medical Assistance
    1. Monitor the health of each Community Member and document any changes in status. Attend to needs if ill with minor illness.
    2. Acquire emergency medical attention if necessary. Assist with dispensing medications with Community Members not considered self-medicating. Use careful documentation and monitoring. Follow medication administration policy regarding storage, dispensing, monitoring, and documenting.
    3. Be alert to Community Member’s needs for a medical/dental appointment.
    4. Inform supervisor if Community Members need a medical appointment.
    5. Encourage Community Members to have an appropriate amount of physical exercise and remember we are role models to our Community Members.
  1. Time off/vacation time, that must be coordinated and approved by the appropriate supervisor to ensure adequate support in the home.
  2. DSPs are expected to participate in ongoing education opportunities and all required meetings.
  3. During employment with Goldenrod, DSPs should not seek employment or other volunteer opportunities which would prohibit the provision of adequate care and supervision, including, but not limited to the responsibilities listed above.
  4. DSPs will be expected to abide by Goldenrod’s policies and standards.
Fulfilling the responsibilities of this job may result in contact with body fluids. Goldenrod will provide training and offer Hepatitis B vaccine at no cost to employees in this job classification.
  • Desire to work in a faith based environment and be dedicated to the Goldenrod mission.
  • Have an interest in and empathy for persons with developmental disabilities.
  • Preferred experience working with individuals with disabilities.
  • At least 18 years old and have valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving history.
  • Must have reliable transportation and vehicle insurance.
  • Must be able to lift over 50 pounds.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read and write adequately to complete required forms and reports of visits, to follow verbal/written instructions.
  • Have the ability to communicate effectively and cooperatively.
  • Have the ability to provide services according to an individual’s Individual Service Plan.
  • Be willing to accept supervision.
  • Have interpersonal skills necessary to work productively with Community Members.
  • Be in adequate physical health to perform the job tasks required.
  • Be free from communicable diseases.
  1. Successful candidate must submit to a pre-employment physical, drug screen, BMV check, and a criminal history check
  2. Criminal background check shows no history of:
  1. A sex crime
  2. Exploitation of an endangered adult or failure to report: battery, neglect, or exploitation of an endangered adult; or abuse or neglect of a child
  3. Theft, if the person’s conviction for theft occurred less than 10 years before the person’s employment application date, except as provided in IC 16-27-2-5(a)(5)
  4. Murder, voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, felony battery, or a felony offense relating to a controlled substance
  5. Conviction of a crime related to the disabled population
  6. Substantial and/or repeated violations in the care of dependent persons
    1. Valid driver’s license, proof of insurance showing $100,000 insurance coverage, and dependable vehicle required
    2. This position has a 90 day probationary period with an option to extend
The physical demands and work environment described herein are those that must be met by said employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the position. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities.
While performing the duties, the employee can be seated, standing or walking; at times, greater physical effort will be required. Regular reoccurring travel is expected.

Contact Information

Business Name: Goldenrod
Contact: Kevin Ritenour
Street: 1514 College Avenue
City/State/Zip: Goshen, IN 46526
Local Phone: (574) 533-9720
Fax: (574) 534-9817
Email: info@goldenrodcommunities.org
Website Address: https://www.goldenrodcommunities.org/

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