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Assistant House Manager

Job Description

The Residential Services Assistant House Manager is responsible for assisting the House Manager with operational tasks at the assigned service location. The Residential Services Assistant House Manager will work as a team member within the assigned service location to create a home environment which will facilitate Community Member learning and independence while enhancing each Community Member’s dignity.
  1. Essential Functions
    1. Provides a positive environment for individuals served that allows for learning and enjoyment of activities.
    2. Provides consistent meaningful activities.
    3. Provides direct support and training to Community Members served.
    4. Encourages Community Members to be as independent as possible in their daily routine and takes advantage of every opportunity to teach.
    5. Initiates activities and encourages Community Members to participate in the activities.
    6. Performs activities with Community Members in the areas of house cleaning, household maintenance, grocery shopping, and nutritious meal preparation and clean up, personal grooming and bathing, toileting, dressing, etc.
    7. Implements goals and objectives as identified in Individual Support Plans and implements Behavior Management Plans.
    8. Actively listens to Community Members and encourages them to express their personal preferences.
    9. Identifies the personal interests of Community Members.
    10. Assists with positioning, transferring and personal care of Community Members.
    11. Provides for the dignity of individuals by assuring personal cleanliness including monitoring the condition of personal possessions, clothing and adaptive equipment.
    12. Properly administers medications and promotes a healthy environment.
    13. Provides support for individuals as they access community resources and recreational activities.
    14. Assists individuals with money management and makes application for benefits for individuals as directed.
    15. Transports individuals in company owned vehicles for access to community resources and activities such as church, dances, etc. Participates in such activities with the individuals.
    16. Performs safety drills as directed.
    17. Effectively communicates progress and issues regarding individuals served to other team members as needed.
    18. Adheres to agency policy and procedure in the performance of duties.
    19. Adheres to regulatory and accreditation guidelines in the delivery of services.
    20. Completes agency reporting in accordance with agency protocol.
    21. Completes service summaries, data sheets and all other documentation for each person served.
    22. Performs programmatic duties in assigned number of administrative hours including:
      1. Participates as a member of each individual support team.
      2. Monitors the implementation of each individual’s daily schedule.
      3. Develops the objectives for Individual Support Plan goals.
      4. Assures appropriate documentation of Program Plans.
      5. Serves as an advocate for each individual.
      6. Monitors the health care needs of each individual.
      7. Monitors the financial needs of each individual.
  2. General Responsibilities
    1. Responsible for the health and safety of individuals served by Goldenrod and staff at all times.
    2. Expected to serve as a role model for individuals served and other staff.
    3. Expected to serve as an advocate and to protect the human rights of individuals served at all times.
    4. Expected to participate in training as required by your supervisor or for all Goldenrod staff.
  3. Job Knowledge, Abilities, Licensure
    1. CPR, First Aid and Medication Administration Certification required (or the ability to obtain certification).
    2. Must possess a valid driver’s license.
    3. No evidence of criminal activity involving a dependent population or any violent criminal activity.
    4. Possess the physical ability to lift individuals using one man lift procedures. Must be able to lift 50 pounds.
    5. Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.
    6. Good organizational and time management skills, as well as good problem-solving skills.
    7. Work well with others, demonstrate initiative and flexibility.
    8. A strong sense of confidentiality, knowledge of community services, and good judgment are essential.
    9. Ability to make decisions under pressure and adapt to stressful situations quickly and effectively.
    10. Ability to establish and maintain strong working relationships with a variety of individuals.
Fulfilling the responsibilities of this job may result in contact with body fluids. Goldenrod will provide training and offer the Hepatitis B vaccine at no cost to employers in this job classification.
  • Desire to work in a faith based environment and be dedicated to the Goldenrod mission.
  • Have an interest in and empathy for persons with developmental disabilities.
  • Some continued post-secondary education and a strong desire to pursue additional educational opportunities.
  • Be in adequate physical health to perform the job tasks required.
  • Be free from communicable diseases.
  1. Successful candidate must submit to a pre-employment physical, drug screen, BMV check, and a criminal history check
  2. Criminal background check shows no history of:
  1. A sex crime
  2. Exploitation of an endangered adult or failure to report: battery, neglect, or exploitation of an endangered adult; or abuse or neglect of a child
  3. Theft, if the person’s conviction for theft occurred less than 10 years before the person’s employment application date, except as provided in IC 16-27-2-5(a)(5)
  4. Murder, voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, felony battery, or a felony offense relating to a controlled substance
  5. Conviction of a crime related to the disabled population
  6. Substantial and/or repeated violations in the care of dependent persons
    1. Valid driver’s license, proof of insurance showing $100,000 insurance coverage, and dependable vehicle required
    2. This position has a 90 day probationary period with an option to extend
The physical demands and work environment described herein are those that must be met by said employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the position. Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities.
While performing the duties, the employee can be seated, standing or walking; at times, greater physical effort will be required.

Contact Information

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Email: info@goldenrodcommunities.org
Website Address: https://www.goldenrodcommunities.org/

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